Paid murder

in the future your phones are as flat as your credit card

Why is there so much grain and compression?

The pic itself isn’t bad, its got a nice set up and compisition, but its very grainy

Haha. I didn’t have a phone model at hand and I was far in to the build so I just decided to use a resized clipboard with a new material over it.

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I agree. I did not have the correct screenshot quality to start with. I’ll make sure this won’t be a problem in my next scene.

Wait, are you using poster command?

Make sure to use poster command, ethier poster 2 or poster 3, it’ll save the HD quality

from a realism standpoint im not sure how he hasnt been arrested yet. The cops(blackguard) are already inside questioning a lady and hes walking away on his phone in the most suspicious way possible, as if he was caught in the middle of the night sneaking oreos.

Good composition though and the posing is solid.

I’m pretty sure this is meant to be in the street, so theres probably other people walking by

yes he is in the street and perspective is everything, and the blackguard is looking right at him. the distance conveyed makes it look like a short distance between them.

Fair point

then again i do like this perspective so i’m willing to sacrafice some realism to appreciate it, the shiftyness of the character is rather darkely amusing

Interesting to read the comments. It so appears that a picture with an unclear story behind it will raise many theories of what might’ve taken place. As if the story is different to each person.
I’m very happy how people like my work and it really motivates me to make more content!

Do it man

(and post it in a thread if you want, didn’t mean to stop ya from doing it)