Paid: Programmer who knows how to decode and how 3D models work


I’m looking for a programmer who knows how to decode and how 3D models work so we can use Summoner’s Rift as our setting in our video series “Rejected Champions” on Machinima Realm.

This can be paid work if you are interested.

all models are stored successively (biggest difference from previous version of map. makes decoding somewhat easier)
the map is subdivided in:

  • 121 models in total (probably).
  • ground: 25 models (squares) working as a heightmap
  • periph+islands: ~30 models. outher walls and jungle islands
  • chunks: ~45 models. similar to grnd, grouping all small objects in an area
    this is all i know for the moment.

If you’re looking for a programmer/modeller, you’d have better luck in the programming/modelling sections.

Thanks, I will delete this post and put it there.

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You might be better off using ninjaripper on the game to get the geometry. If it’s a 32bit application.

What does the geometry do for me? I need a 3d map model for my 3D animators. I’m willing to pay somebody who knows how to do it or at least a step of it.

Geometry is another word for the mesh. It basically rips any current draw calls. (AKA any mesh or model that’s currently being drawn.)