[Paid request] Metro 2033 - SNPCs with our custom animations

Greetings, I am looking for someone that could help me to create SNPCs of our ported models from Metro 2033.
So far we ported the lurker and we are currently animating it, so here is what we got so far:

We also have all the sounds from Metro 2033, which means that our SNPCs will be very original.
The SNPCs will be used to our Metro 2033 serious roleplay server hosted by Avox Gaming.

Some information about the Lurker (The name of the mutant) can be found here.

Animations we have for the model:
idle, walk, run, attack1, attack2 (attacking with the claws)

I will pay for the work over PayPal(USD).

Please add me on steam if you’re intrested so we could talk more, I also got another few similar upcoming requests I will pay for.
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