Paid Stargate texturing job

Hello Facepunch!

My name is Samuel Cockings and i am the director/writter of Stargate Universe: Distant Hope the third most watched Stargate Fan Film on you tube (in 4 months compared to 3 years for the others) and I have been in production of my SG-1 larger sequel for the last 3 months. I am including some of the amazing Carter Add-on pack models and fantastic maps by some of this very same and talented community and I am looking for someone who would be interested and able to use the Carter Add-on Pack Cargoship (Teltak) model and re texture its interior (and exterior) to as screen accurate a “film set” as possible! - SGU: Distant Hope

Teltak Interior screen caps

The pay will depend on the quality of the work but it would start at £40+

Thanks for any interest and message me if interested


Samuel Cockings