[Paid Works] Need some things ported

Just got paid today and don’t have any bill, So if you can port of all of this you have yourself 800$

Civilization Beyond Earth

GunZ 2: The Second Duel

Doom 1 Model Packs

Spiral Knights

Castle Story
yellow dudes and crystals

Unreal 2004 & UT2K3

Anno 2070
leaders and objects

wolfenstein 3d

Fallout 2

Mateba Model 6 Unica auto-revolver

Mateba MTR 8

Armi Chiappa Rhino revolver

aren’t Wolfenstein 3D and Fallout 2 not 3D games? how do you port those?

I don’t think you can. You might have to remake them from scratch or something!

Maybe not the Falout one but Wolfenstein probally

I can get the Mateba Unica 6 & Chiappa Rhino. Although they aren’t mine, I can gladly give you the individual author’s contact information and pay the what you think is fair for those two things.

I can also offer to put them into the Source engine, since these models are still in the “raw” forms.

Lastly, here is an MTR 8 which you an get for a measly $19 USD.

Have fun.