Pain in the A** Gmod problem

I’ve had Gmod for about 2 years all was going well until i filled my first hard drive with junk and after buying the THQ complete pack i was forced to move steam to my second hard drive. so after some initial problems which steam support helped me with. it worked. so after about a week or so i wanted to play Gmod again so i did. then i wanted a download. so i download and extract like I’ve done hundreds of times and then go back into Gmod and it wasn’t their (it was Gm_bigcity) so i tried 9 different addons. added 2 new Svn’s and still Gmod refuses to register any of the new downloads. it lets me run all my old ones but i cant add anything new. WHICH IS PISSING ME OFF!!!

so after steam told me it wasn’t their problem i turned to the helpful advice of random people I’ve never met.

This happens to me alot, too. I’ve got a bunch of things that just don’t work or even show up. It’s frustrating. I think maybe I don’t have a source game I need, or something. I only have 6 maps, and I’m not sure if my CS:S maps work, but I just finished downloading it, so I’m not sure. But yeah, I have the same problem with alot of addons. Maps, Sweps, props, models…

I pm’d you. I’m waiting for a reply.