Pain in the ass rendering/drawing issue

Now I have a strange feeling there will be no fix for this, but I’ll ask anyway:

When I override the material of a weapon, everything looks fine as if it worked perfectly, until you shoot, sprint diagonally and take damage.

Here is what goes wrong:

Is there anyway to fix this?

Please note the following:

  • I have tried with different textures, weapons and maps.
  • I have changed my graphics settings, no difference
  • I have had a friend join my server and check if it was just me (it wasn’t)
  • I have made it so that every tick the players material is set to default, which changed nothing.

I guess posting the code should help.

It’s a common bug with the player and weapon,in fact,setting a material on a weapon will make the player use it too,sometimes it works the other way round,it even does that with colors.
Have you ever tried the tf2 gamemode? equipping the golden wrench (with its material set to the golden one) will make the player golden too.
I guess we should finally get this bug removed from gmod.
Report this bug in the bugtracker,and let’s hope that it will be fixed in the next monthly gmod update.

Just speculating but maybe you could create a ClientsideModel() of the weapon and EF_BONEMERGE it the the actual weapon then set the weapon to no draw, or something along that line