"Pain is weakness leaving the body!" A Soldier about to finish a scout


Soldier is standing wierd, Like hes going to fall over.

Or he has a rave party on his left side,

Can’t decide.

I like it. Arty’ed

You might want to sharpen the edge on the poked-out teeth, It’s too feathered (Or whichever the correct term is), so it looks off and rounded. The lower one is also too circular, and really stands out. The soldier looks like he’s in the process of falling backwards as he aims at the scout, watch where his center of gravity is. Lastly, I’d suggest a bit of blood around the body in the background, and perhaps some light DoF.

for the soldier looking like he’s falling,i made sure he was upright so it must be the angle and the field of view that makes him look like that.
i swear that from in front of him,he looks fine.
for the rest…well i’ll improve the picture later i guess…

Good posing and nice choice of camera angle.

clipping on soldier’s uniform

Looks pretty nice to me. I like the scouts beaten face.

Good use of perspective.

finish him!