Pain of a life time

This is the new manga in my melodrama~ series, i hope you all enjoy it!

I laughed so hard at the Indian Alyx.
btw it looks like someone has seen Inception :smug:
but yeah it was a riot.


If your intent was to make me enjoy it, well I did in some sense.


damn, I thought he got up and left, but I just noticed that he killed himself again, and here I am thinking that this one was different.


For the good of Facepunch, I’m asking you to just walk away.
Walk away and leave all your terrible ideas behind.
Just walk away and no one gets hurt.
Just walk away.

Just walk away and no one gets hurt.
Just walk away.

Thank you I was afraid the reference would go unnoticed.

It’s pretty clear you like your melodramatics, but do they always have to end with suicide?

I hope this comic maker is just a troll, because this is just sad in all the ways the author did not intend it to be.

You should team up with squirrelking!

It’s only a matter of TIME

I can’t figure out if the OP needs a little help or is just trolling. :psyduck:

Comics with the spelling and sentence structure of a 5th grader that always end in hanging.

Yet another troll comic, you don’t get tired of it do you?

do not call me ugly, if you do again i will contact forum officer.

Thank you all who support me, youre private messages of friendship are nice.

^He’s not calling you ugly, ‘troll’ is a term for someone who make remarks that anger someone or who makes crappy content on purpose.
and even if you went to Uberslug and say ,“He called me ugly!” and then he saw what Fort83 said nothing would be done about it because he wasn’t calling you ugly.
Being a tatletale won’t do any good either.


and Besides, you don’t contact mods about this stuff.

Poor injure person, I don’t know what I’d do if my mate was put in to death

I seriously will make one of these.
I’ll put the graphics on medium,but for god’s sake I will do it.
With MS paint,because I am also poor and I don’t have money.
With proper gramar.
I will follow your example,Tokyopop!


We will find you, the unknown supporters! Don’t be Mr. Off-screens, tell us your names!

manmadman sends me nice photos and friend ship in private message.

Improve on your english. Turn up you graphics.