Pain Sounds - more realism added to the game!

[release]Q: What’s this?

A: This is an addon that adds players’ pain sounds whenever they receive damage.

Q: So I guess if my model is a zombie it will play a human pain sound?

A: No. Currently it supports 5 player ‘factions’:

  1. Male humans(and every model that is not listed in any other ‘factions’)
  2. Female humans
  3. Metropolice
  4. Combine
  5. Zombies

Q: Will it always be the same sound?

A: No, the higher the damage - the louder the pain sound is.

Q: How do I install this?

A: Extract to garrysmod/garrysmod/addons.


  • Supports 5 player ‘factions’;
  • Dynamic pain sound system - the higher the damage, the louder the scream is;
  • Players also emit death sounds when they die;
  • Easy-to-modify.



  • Added in missing zombie player ‘faction’ models.

Console commands:
ps_toggle - toggle the pain sounds

Kogitsune - showing me a less messy way of predicting a pain sound

YouTube Video:

Post your ideas/suggestions.

Nice, may i intergrate this into my gamemode?

Go ahead.

This will be very usefull

Nice job, I don’t know why no one has done this before.

Loads of people have, just not released.

Hooray for pain!

A really minor update, link:

What’s new?


  • Added in missing zombie player ‘faction’ models.

I think you should make L4D2 pain sounds, for these playermodels:

I don’t really want to include a whole package of voices of the survivors, you know. And installing Mount2 just to create a few extra pain sound variables isn’t something I’d want to do.

Sorry mate.

What’s the difference between this addon and “HurtSounds” in the Lua Scripting/RELEASES/Addons section?
Do I need to toggle this addon to on every time I restart the server which I’m using it on?

I’ve no idea about HurtSounds, but:

  • this addon already supports 5 player ‘factions’ (if you haven’t read yet).
  • this addon also has a dynamic pain sound system - the higher the damage you receive, the louder the pain scream is going to be.
  • this addon also plays death sounds whenever a player dies.
  • this addon is easy to modify and it’s really easy to add in new supported ‘factions’.

And no, you don’t need to toggle it every time you start up your server, it’s on by default.