Paint 3D is a real Pain for 3D


I for the life of me can’t figure out how I am supposed to get a model from paint 3d into blender, or any other modelling software for that, here is my dilemma:
Click image for larger version.

In paint 3D, I can only export in 3 3D formats, GLB, FBX and 3MF, all 3 of which are god AWFUL, they’re not supported by any other remote god forbidden converter or 3d software, and as a result I can’t get it to blender, only exception being the FBX which only gives out garbage like this:
Click image for larger version.

is there a way I can convert these files into something useful? I do not know how this is even possible but apparently it has been done before, a lot, I am lost and would appreciate ANY help.

As a little update, since that was taken straight from a thread I made from the blender forums, this is what happens when I try to use 3MF:

I also already scaled up the FBX, all that comes up is just the jacket.

3mf to .obj converters exist, though I’m not sure they would provide better results

why are you trying to use Paint 3D for anything more than farting around

If only I could use any other program, paint 3d is a joke, it’s like it’s made for kids, but the files I got were specifically in “paint 3D format” and this is the only program that can open them, to be specific, this is from the SCP:CB game, a new update brought in new models, it’s an unity game so to rip them I used unity studio, problem being that it only exports as “3d object”, not 3Ds, not Obj, just “3D object”, I tried everything to open it but apparently paint 3d is the “right” software to use.

I’m pretty sure UnityStudio is already exporting as .FBX, you don’t need to reexport it.
If Blender isn’t importing the FBX properly, you could try converting it to a different format using Noesis.

It’s like I’m looking at a fucking 3D .jpg, that’s amazing

You’re right it does, but when I try to import it it doesn’t do anything and say some shit like “ASCII FBX Files are not supported” (???), I give up on this, I’ll wait for someone to port the models and then harass them to death, paint 3d really is a pain… 3d.

I might be able to help you with FBX problem, try downloading program called MilkShape3D and export the imported file in the format you want, i always use it when Blender is bitching about FBXs

I LOVE YOU (no homo), after some tinkering trying to get around in Milkshape3D I was able to get the model into an SMD! Looks like we got a WINNER

No problem, friend, good to know it worked for you too!