Why does deleting selections in PDN fill it with black? I’m trying to make a print design but whenever I delete the selection it fills it with black and hides my text.

Sorry if this is the wrong section, but it seems most people here are familiar with PDN.

What the fuck does PDN mean?


Ok, that makes no sense. I am an experienced user, and deleting sections should result in the deleted space being transparent (duh). you don’t have something like a layer beneath that is filled with black do you?

Maybe you’re editing a filetype that doesn’t support transparency, like png or gif? I don’t see why you’d see it like that from within the program, but yeah.


I only use gimp for the resynthesizer (as good as content aware). note that it doesnt come with gimp.

PDN is easier to just pick up and go with.

I concur.

try reading the thread title genius

I was pressing backspace instead. :doh:

Also I prefer PDN over Gimp because PDN is more like Photoshop Elements, which I’m more familiar with.

Yes, but GIMP is so much more powerful.

There is a LOT more you can do in GIMP than there is in PDN.

For example, all of my pictures are edited in GIMP.

or the photoshop trial :dota101:

If there’s something I need done in GIMP then I’ll do it in GIMP. For minor edits though, PDN is fine.

What kind of logic is that?

“Yeah, I have this awesome editing program, but this is just a small edit so I’ll just use this inferior program instead.”

better UI maybe? I don’t know, I don’t use either one.

It’s like saying “I gotta make a small explosion, but I won’t use photoshop. I’ll use MSpaint”

He can do it however he wants.

fuck, I couldn’t care less what he chooses to edit with

his logic was broken, that’s all

PDN is easier for on the fly edits

GIMP is for intense editing

Get it?

Use a PNG, GIF, VGA or any other file that supports use of alpha channels

JPG is not one