Paint sTool decals

So, I’ve been wanting to make some custom decals for the paint stool for various things, for example: putting messages on Shib’s blank picket sign models.

I have created the image and saved as a 32bit uncompressed TGA. From there, I imported the TGA into VTFEdit and saved it as a VTF. Then made a VMT for it also with VTFEdit. Put them both into garrysmod/materials/decals. After that I went to the gamemodes folder and found the paint.lua in sandbox and plugged in a line so it would appear in the sTools ingame list.

But this fails hard… I try to spray it on a wall or prop and all i get is the spray sound, no image. The default decals work fine like the smiley and blood, etc. Wussup with that? I searched all over the frickin place but cant find a tut on making custom decals. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Anyone? C’mon, please. Using wiremod to draw letters on the signs is FUGLY, I’ve already experimented with that.