Paint styled pics

After posing a few gmod pics I gave them to my friend to edit and these were the result,looking hand painted/waterpainted.

Originals(not very intresting)

looks like photoshop filters

u don say

my eyes

The originals look far better than the edited ones.

WTF. The edited ones are ugly.

Tell your “friend” never ever edit your stuff again.

Rate this post dumb, but for some reason I kinda like the second one (the filter raped tanks).

Photoshop filters don’t have to be bad, you just have to be very careful with how you use them. The contrast/sharpness on those images is too high, and you’re losing too much detail. Makes it look sloppy.

With enough tweaking it can look good. With that said, I’m using 3rd party filters in these examples, but the settings are my own. Contests/ScreenshotEdits/PaintFilters/01.jpg Contests/ScreenshotEdits/PaintFilters/02.jpg

I use filters fairly often, making it a point to save presets and the like. When applied properly and tastefully they can give awesome results while saving you a ton of time. Or they can look like shit, just takes practice.

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Also, to level the playing field a little bit, here’s an example done with 100% vanilla photoshop.
It doesn’t look as good as the examples above, but it shows that it doesn’t have to look bad.

While the second one looks okay, the filters are still hugely obvious. When you use filters you don’t want them to be obvious as a general rule.

It’s kinda why the 3 best one by far are
Gaussian blur