Paint tool crash.

Hello everyone.
Well i have a problem with the paint tool when i put blood in some ragdolls… I love make horror comics and this error is really fuc**** me…
Anyone can help with this problem?
For more details the problem persist with HD ragdolls for example cinematic mod, nude faith,etc.

Sorry for this stupid question but i need ask it

Thanks you very much and good luck.

i dont think that my pc can´t support it… i have 4 GB of RAM,ATI SAPPHIRE 5770 HD and Quad Core.

One question; where did you get GMod?

I get Garry´s Mod from Steam 1 year ago. :S

I get a error that says engine error tell a programmer (long numbers>long numbers)
Sorry but i don´t remenber the numbers

your video card doesnt like details i use to get this when i ogt alot of blood details i mean ALOT

But i can put much things and my game don´t crash… Only in this tool.
The card details… well… support directx 11, 1GB GDDR5, Crossfire X,HDMI support…