Paint Tool Problems (YouTube Explanation)

The title kind of explains it all and all the detail are in this video.

The Paint Tool doesn’t work on world models such as buildings and the ground.
It works on Ragdolls and props, but there are limitations.

Sent a message to help and support on Garry’s Mod, but there was no reply.
I even sent a video reply to Garry himself. Is there anyway to fix these problems?

This video will be removed when the problem is resolved.

There have been other threads about this same issue, it’s unclear whether it’s a bug or if it’s an intentional change. I personally like it because it stops annoying decals from being placed everywhere that are inconvenient to remove, but that’s just me. I understand that in machinima work this can be more inconvenient than anything

This ought to get attention. I’ve been explaining this very issue on these forums, but I’m ALWAYS ignored.

While I’m at it, I should point out that saves don’t save every detail anymore. I’ve found ropes missing, bonemerged objects missing, removed objects from the world are back, and ragdolls that I used no collide on suddenly collide again. I’m not sure if everyone has this issue, but I do and I want a way to fix it.

Then there’s the issue of ragdolls that are also NCPs and player models being stuck in their T-pose… But I’m rambling too far off the original subject, so I’ll shut up.

Your second point is interesting. At the same time though, if the ropes you used, (I know the bone merge is a 3rd part addon), and if the nocollide tool you used are all third party addons, this is something the addon developer needs to address. And yes, t-pose is also an issue, it’s been brought up many times

Same issue’s happening to me.

Same here as well and I’ve just made a bug report about it in the developments forum.

Alright, there is a quick solution:

Spawn an NPC and shoot it in the direction you want. However, this doesn’t solve the problem of using a tool/STool.

Other than that… bumping the page. I hope this page isn’t too old…

Getting this problem too. Cannot paint ragdolls, props or the map. Tried cleaning GMOD and that doesn’t help.

Same problem. I can paint props and most entities, but not the map.