Paint World

Paint World
What is this?
This is mine(Mechanical Mind) and Bithmar’s(Stinkfire) entrant for the Gamemode Coding Contest.
You play as Paint Blobs trying to paint canvas, kill each, reach the end or steal the enemy flag. Its divided into Radical Red and Burnt Blues.
Whoever ends up with the most canvas, kill, captures or laps at the end of the round wins. Rounds last for 5 minutes after 3 it changes map.

Sub Modes
Paint as many Canvas as you can by touching them.
Use the power ups to frag each other.
Capture the Flag
Bring the enemy flag back to your base
Race to the end

Use left click and right click to use powerups.
Get powerups by touching the paintbrushes found around the map.
Sends you in the direction you are looking at a high speed.
Sets you on fire for 5 seconds, anybody who touches you will die.
Shoots a projectile in the direction you are looking.
Captures any canvas it touches.
Makes you invisible to others for 15 seconds.
Places a mine, will explode when touched by the enemy.


Dynamic changing maps
Multi gametypes
Powerups system
Awsome splat effects
Custom models
Cartoonish theme

** Download**

Put in garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/

copy PaintWorld/content/ contents to your Garry’s Mod directory (garrysmod/garrysmod/)

Restart Gmod/Server
2Fort Example Ctf map

To map for Paint World it is actually pretty simple. This mapping tutorial will focus on generic maps. You could get carried away and make really wierd maps but that is up to you.
This is not about how to map, just the entities required.
To start off you will need spawns. Spawns are just CSS player Terrorist spawns and Counter Terrorist spawns. Terrorist is Red and Counter is Blue.

Next you will need Powerups. I like to put my Powerups on a sort of stand like thing. So players can see where they are going to spawn. The entity name for powerups are ‘pw_item’.

The next thing that you might want to have is toggling brushes. This means that they can toggle on and off. So one minute a wall might look like a wall the next it could be a secret passage. To do this you will need to make a ‘func_brush’ and then name it ‘trigger_brush_<number>’ replayer <number> with an increasing number of how many you have (startig at 1). You don’t have to change the settings of the brush but can if you want (not sure if it will work if you do change settings)

Then you will need a ‘pw_gametype’ entity. Give it a key of ‘gametype’ then the value should be from the list below:
ra – Race
dm – Deathmatch
ctf – Capture the Flag
ca --Canvas
This tells the gamemode which gametype your map will play on.

This is all that you generally need for each gamemode. Also a reccommendation. Name your maps with the gametype in them. A good example is my map ‘pw_ctf_smallfield’. It shows that it is a capture the flag map and makes it easier for people that want to player capture the flag to choose a map.

Below are gamemode specific entities.

Capture the flag
For capture the flag you will need to make trigger called pw_capture. Then you will need to add a key: team and a value of either blue or red.

Do the same for the flags but make an entity and call it pw_flag.

If you want to have brushes that are only open when your flag is not picked up, just create a brush that has a name of brush_ctf_red or brush_ctf_blue

Deathmatch is the easiest to map for. Mainly because you don’t need any entities.

Race is also an easy to map for gamemode. All you need at the end of the course is a brush trigger entity called ‘pw_capture’.

To map for Canvas you will need to place ‘func_brush’ brush entities where you want players to capture. I like texturing them white so you can see who has tagged them. Once you have done that you will need to name them ‘paint_<number>’. Replace number with numbers going up with the amount of Canvas’ you have. (start at 1). This is all you need to do to map for Canvas’.

Mech asked me to upload to textures for the map.
These are the common cartoonish textures that we used for our map. Hope you like them. They are basic but still good.

I almost expected that stamp-out mini-game from mario party. That would be a fun fretta game.

Lol. Do you mean this game would be fun for fretta or the stamp out minigame?

Also the screenshots for this doesn’t give it justice. I will try to get a video for everyone. It is way better when playing it.

It looks pretty interesting regardless of what justice it does for it. I’m guessing you’ll be rolling around as 3D paint blobs. If only there were some non-laggy and effective way to make it a ragdoll with many inter-connected bones so that the paint blob could actually change shape as you went along.

Seriously, that would make me pull a “Woah, that looks cool” when playing.

I like the green ice-creams.

Oh - Wait. They are paintbrushes, right? Need to improve on them a bit. Looks fun though, Good luck.

You could probably use some kinda effect to simulate it.

Do it and I’ll give you a Lua king.

Perhaps using some particles? Like particles that make it seem to blur together into a blob? I’m not sure, just an idea. If you could use that entity outline thing but give it a different look, then a watermelon rolling around may look a little like a blob.

Anyone ever see that video for the making of Gears Of War 2? Where they’re demonstrating their new corpse ragdoll feature, and they’re pushing and shooting that lump of flesh around?

It looked a lot like they’d just made a cube, and given it a bunch of bones so that it still resembled its original cube shape, despite the wobbling around. Would that be viable?

You could probably use SetModelScale and stretch the model depending on how fast you’re moving.

Not. The way they would have done that is gave it a base mesh and it stretches the mesh depending on the physics collisions. Then they would have made it so the mesh couldn’t stretch past X.

in the 2nd screenshot, it’s not “an canvas” :eng101:

thats what i was expecting also, maybe you can make that one of the gamemodes, and maps can look like gm_construct “white room”

Put in garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/

copy PaintWorld/content/ contents to your Garry’s Mod directory (garrysmod/garrysmod/)

Restart Gmod/Server

Awsome. I really reccommend people try this gamemode. It is fun to play with friends.

We had our first ‘open’ beta of the gamemode for the first time. It was on the Australian -=AWOL=- Parkour server (Yeah were Aussie(that means Australian(lol brackets inside brackets)))
Anyway, i don’t know how to put the media tags in facepunch so i thought that i might just put the images here. ENJOY

Awesome, can you make the paint on the walls not seethrough though?
Makes them look like they’re made of jelly rather than paint, which would ofcourse be fine if it matched the balls… although the balls aren’t seethrough so they look more like paint than jelly :S

Change Log
• Added some announcer sounds.
• Added some powerup sounds.
• Added map pw_dm_deathrooms
• Added a map menu.

This update has added heaps and I will just elaborate on it a bit.
It has a new awesome deathmatch made by me that focuses on the map being flowing and not having a central point.
There is an awesome maps menu where players vote for their favourite map. It updates in realtime like fretta but in my opinion looks way better.
There are also now sound effects for nearly everything. The voices are British announcer like voice effects. The other sound effects are for the addons and add more ambiance to the gamemode.

Lol i just felt like describing it lol.