Paintball Anyone???

Hi, Im making a paintballing gamemode. add any suggestions for something you would want below.

  • So far i am working on a map that will have seperate entrances into an arena and each player will spawn in a room by themselves after they are eliminated from the game (get shot).
  • Winner gets money that can be spent towards buying new weapons or buying carryable barriers for while they are playing.

-Set up server
-Write codes for custom weapondry(paintball guns)
-Write codes for money system
-Write codes for HUD
-Write codes for Inventory System
-Write codes for Scoreboard
-Write codes for NPC dealer/upgrader
-Write codes for game start/end
-Launch Server on private server on base map to test variables

-Map Work wont be constantly updated

Don’t use darkrp for this wtf.

Make this from scratch it’s not even that hard. Not to mention why the hell would you use darkrp.

Like i said i was gonna break it down to the bare roots basically using it for the money/inventory system but i figure its gonna be easier by hand. so disregard everything i said

Using darkrp to make a DM-ish gamemode is like using a fork to eat soop.

Glad you chose to do it yourself, there are also inventory/money system’s on these forums, golden forge might help you

Thanks, not like i really need help though i just had a lazy moment there…

darkrp fits this idea just right, if you think about it.

It would be good to see this done properly. I enjoy paintballing and most paintballing games are god-awful.

So how are you gonna have it? All the guns kill you or, what will happen? I’d like to see it work better then to just have the guns kill you and you respawn.

Something I always liked was having the balls slowly fly instead of it being like normal guns. Made it feel more like paintball.

DarkRP is like a DM gamemode already.

With a few RP elements, varies between servers. Still, for the features he wants to use from darkrp he could make himself with basic lua knowledge.

can i helps you writ the codes for wepondry as well?

yus u cun

not really since DarkRP is basically a deathmatch with RP in the name.

Hey, i used to run a paintballing server about 2 years ago, hit me up on steam for ideas, and what was excuted poorly, might help you out.

Add " [UB] The Cupid Stunt"

Rather than hijacking this thread and making it into yet another “DARKRP ISN’T REAL RP ZOMG” thread, how about we actually, I don’t know, discuss this guy’s gamemode?

I remember a guy wanting me to code him a paintball gamemode a while ago. I started working on it a bit, but then I simply lacked the motivation to continue with it and so I removed it.
But yeah, when people get hit they shouldn’t just instantly die. Maybe they’d be teleported back to their spawn and have to wait for the round to be over?

You know, I’d love to see this happen.
Keep it up, bro.

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So you’re going to make a simulation of simulated combat?

Kickin-rad idea dude!

Paintball is not simulated combat. There is a hella lot more to paintball thanplaying army. In proffessional tournaments and leagues the game is played for money and sportsmanship, check out some psp vids on youtube, none of this pretending its call of duty in the woods crap.