PaintBall Gamemode

**This Is My First Gamemode :o SHOCK FAICE!

Hey Guys, James Here, since i was starting to learn LUA i decided to make a paintball gamemode with the work of BlackOps Amazing Swep

PLEASE NOTE: I Made this Gamemode 100% On My own; i did not know that this gamemode had already been made and please dont call me a



“This has been done already Fagget Lululuulul”

Objective: Pretty Obvious, Its a deathmatch game, shoot and kill, End Of :slight_smile:

This Also includes a paintball map called

ScreenShots :smiley:


Why do you reupload it if it has already been done?

Is there gonna be a server for this?

I Cant Afford a server, but a owner thinks its good they might want to put it on theirs

Because they have the gamemode, but not downloadable.

nice i see u just followed the lua tutorial. did you make the clients download models from the gamemode or just them selfs…

I have been looking for a good gamemode to host, I might host it if I like it as well.

I am getting an error when firing any weapons:

Attempted to create unknown entity type paint_ball!
weapons/paintball_smg/shared.lua:82: Tried to use a NULL entity!

Obviously the weapon name is different on each weapon error.

That happens on Multiplayer. Its not compatible.

Really? Why not:(?

Yea he did, he even copy pasted the fails in the lua tutorial, check the team selection menu where they mixed width and height


He probally didn’t include the weapons (which he stole from very good which makes shit happen

Theres no Paintball entity…

Yes! Now we can pretend that we are shooting someone in a game where we pretend we shoot at people!

If the paint actually hits the walls and makes a nice decal, im pretty sure this would be a ok mod…