Paintball Gamemode

I need serious help for making a gamemode. I have always thought of making a gamemode for paintball but I clearly suck at making them, because everytime I try it either doesnt appear in the gamemode drop down list or starts as normal sandbox mode with no physgun or weapons. I have followed the gmod wiki lua tutorial and cant even get that to work. :frowning:

Any help will be much appreciated

ever tried restarting gmod

yep I restart gmod every time i make changes

Did you make an info text file?

What is your myinfo_bytes? If it’s something higher than 128, then that’s your problem. If that doesn’t help, my suggestion to you would be:
• Leave Steam open
• Go to My Computer > C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<name>/
• Rename garrysmod to garrysmod1 (or anything else)
• Run Garry’s Mod (But DON’T restart Steam, this is a quick format of Garry’s Mod without a reinstallation.)

If that doesn’t work for you, then I don’t really know what to say.

Either you’re doing it wrong or you done borked, try showin us (screenshot) what is inside of your folder?

Make sure you have info.txt inside your “gamemodes/<yourgamemodehere>/” folder. And make sure that folder name has no spaces in it.

i dont see the point of making a paintball game/game type, paintball is for people who want to play like a fps in real life so a fps of a mockery of a fps is a bit redundant

just get out and play the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Paintball is not played because people want to play an fps in real life, granted there are some peopel that do that, true paintballers play the sport because of the sense of competition. Paintball is a game where you eliminate people from the game by marking them with paint from your paintball marker, and has no resemblance to real life war or combat.

-rant over-