Paintball Mask

Im only asking because its about time someone made one.

maybe someone can porting from saint row2
maybe the player with the mask hacked

I could give it a go. You want just a static prop, right?

static means not movable. This should be a physics prop


but not a ragdoll if thats what your asking

Yeah, sorry, my bad. I haven’t played GMod for a while.

Alright, progress report.

14/6/2010 - 8:30pm
Almost done, just have to add the eyeglass.

Looks nice, can’t wait to use it with HatMaker.

that was my exact thought! Will you add the holes in the side? because those would make it look much better

Yeah, I’ll add the holes in the side and the grooves and what not now. What colour should the eyeglass be? Because at the moment it’s orange, because I thought orange looked good on the black. =]
Anything else you want me to add?

The file got corrupt -.-
I can’t start it again or fix it tonight because I have an exam tomorrow so I’m going to start again fresh tomorrow afternoon and knock the whole thing down in one go.

shit… well anyways it should be a yellowish transparent color. Thanks!

Any idea how big it should be? =/

Well it needs to be able to go overtop of a head like a helmet. Well not overtop but cover it. So yeah. Big enough to cover face and part of head.


man i wish i could learn how to model.

what program do you use to model? i REALLY want to learn how.

I think Blender but I may be wrong.

from the screens it looks like 3ds max

Also wanted to know that how bug it should be? Thanks in advance.

Do you have trouble with reading the dates? What do you expect to find an answer 12 years later when all accounts of this subject no longer exist?