There are gamemodes about so many things. There are gamemodes for sniping, gamemodes for other shit, even cacti catching games. So why isn’t there a decent game about paintball? Because paintball is boring, duh. If you think that hit registration is terrible as-is, imagine shooting projectiles as your only weapon. So I’m overhauling the rules.

Paintballs aren’t so much projectiles as they are tracers that leave paint everywhere. All your weapons shoot paint instead of bullets. When you’re hit, you get a percentage of paint coverage. When you’ve reached 100% coverage (which isn’t really 100%,) you are converted to the team that you’re now colored in. Fairly simple. Each limb can only provide up to 40% coverage (stomach and chest are separate) so you need to aim for uncovered areas to take out enemies. You can “heal” allies by shooting them.

But wait, there’s more! Paintball usually incorporates one boring gun. Well, our paintball has several. Here’s a list:

Pistol Default weapon. Causes moderate coverage and shoots semi-auto. Has unlimited ammo though.
SMG Fast firing with minimal coverage. Guzzles ammo up pretty quickly, and is inaccurate. Best used close up.
30Cal Modified AR2. Moderate coverage at moderate speed. Is more accurate than the SMG, and holds more ammo than the pistol.
Crossbow It shoots exploding paint bolts. Good for covering a bunch of enemies in paint or mass healing.
Shotgun Very minimal coverage and terrible accuracy, but has a huge spread and plenty of ammo.

Every weapon, except the pistol, runs on ammo. When you run out of ammo, the weapon vanishes until you pick up another. You can only carry one weapon other than your pistol, and when you pick up another, the one you have with you is dropped. Picking up the same kind of weapon will add to your ammo cache.

Pics n shit

Suggestions go here:

Have the teams be “Warm team” versus “Cool team”. Warm team members shoot random warm colors (red, orange, yellow) and Cool team members shoot random cool color (green, blue, purple).
I think that would be better than the typical one color versus another color.

Make the paint projectiles.

It’s green/blue/orange/red right now.



is this derived from fretta?

No shit.

I don’t really like the post processing too much, it looks too bright, maybe add some contrast.

Can u show any screen shots of what happens when you shoot something? All i see at the moment is a hud and the weapons which might be normal hl2 weapons.
BTW Wats up with the screen shots being really really bright?

Gonna be paint grenades that explode and do an AoE/blast range? That only can go on the legs?

That would rule. Just chuck into a group and BANG. Everyone is on ur side now lol.

The colormod/HUD is a bit bleak. Spice it up. :chef:

Aside from that it sounds great!

Please, come up with better weapons. For example, for melee you could have a paint roller, or for a flamethrower, a can of spray paint (or an electric-powered paint sprayer), or even a massive paintball for a weapon like bugbaits that hurt you.

Yes, but don’t use a crowbar/paintbar anything like that, it’s boring, custom models would be highly recommended.

Hows it coming along, Nerdboy?

Sounds fun :slight_smile: A cool custom crosshair would be nice besides the normal 4 lines, like the 4 xbox 1/4 circles but their color is the color of opposite team to contrast your PostProcessing