Painting an Overlay on Entity User?

Hello Facepunch.
I have very basic lua knowledge so please be very considerate and detailed when explaining;
I have an entity created and I would like it so when someone presses E on the Entity or in other terms, uses it, I would like it to apply an overlay to only the user, via
I’ve got my init.lua, shared.lua, and cl_init.lua
Under my init.lua I have my empty use function [lua]
function ENT:Use()
Could somebody help? :surrender:


You mean opening an menu like an shop NPC? Theres an base framework out there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks but I’m looking for a material overlay, such as the combine overlay or the water overlay. I know this can be done with the overlay console command, but I find this way to be a bit sketchy.


Although that is an alternative, I would much rather prefer to use the Panel:Paint function, I just need help fitting it into the entity. Thanks again anyway

You could use the netlib to open the VGUI, parant that to hud & then somehow draw an material or so on it.