Painting, Half block and Ramps.....

Please update the painting UI so we can type text onto objects and be able to move it around by dragging the text box. Also can you please make the drawing more crisp instead of so fuzzy? I have posted this a few months back but I am gonna re-post this… PLEASE bring back half blocks and ramps, life was so much simpler when we had half blocks and ramps to design beautiful looking bases. also being able to change the direction of the way staircase turn would be amazing instead of them going clockwise upward, we should have the ability to place ones that go counter clockwise upward… i know it sounds dumb but i play this game mostly for the building aspect and would love to see more variations of buildings… makes me sad when i see wasted talent on a 3x3 base all square and disappointing like. Oh and one last thing please add more stuff for triangle floors… for example the metal grate “i was making a catwalk in my base” that used a lot of both square and triangle pieces but could only make the square ones the metal grates… :’(

Half Life 3 Confirmed

sincerely Gordon Freeman

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P.S. is this what the main menu is supposed to look like? captured a screen shot of a bugged out menu.