Paintings and Music

To expand on art in the game, players should be able to dismount art from walls and turn them into items; so they can be traded, moved or what have you. Further on that, paintings should be invincible but easy to take down; as long as you have access to build in an area you can take them down. That way art is not destroyed and can be stolen plus people can’t troll with it. OR after destroying it, it becomes a lootable item.

Guitar has a glitch, if you play a note and scroll your mouse wheel at the same time or right after, the sound is prolonged and distorted.

As for music, is it possible to maybe add .abc files? Starbound makes use of this and has many instruments. Players can get into groups and play whole songs as a band.

Both of these additions would further improve the games social dynamic. Players will march around as bands or choose to paint for others. People will have art museums and others will try and raid those masterpieces.

Late but still good.



Also expanding on the idea of music, what if they added abandoned radio stations, and radios so if someone took over an abandoned radio station, they would be able to broadcast whatever they want, with the cost of a generator or something.

Maybe even have a station that plays Pandora. That would be so cool.

Weren’t we going to be able to load images into canvases at one time? They had that in an online game I was playing a few months back, and it was really cool.

Yes, some morons put up porn, but it was very rare and you could just click on images and report them, the Admins dealt with it.