Paintings don't upload to the server

So whenever I paint on a sign or canvas, I update the picture and everything seems fine on my end. But no one else can see my changes and if I reconnect or leave the area, I return to an empty sign. Does anyone else have this problem?

modded server?

Was happening to the server I was playing - vanilla non nodded. I only saw an extra large canvas which reset regularly (yes, it was locked for editing).

No, an official NY server.

from the description it sounds like desyncing. how’s your connection? more so in terms of packet loss than ping.

this was the same on our server and it happend to three different guys

Oh its not great, I’m constantly D/C’ing. How do I find out about packet loss?

well i found that painting on signs always work and save so why do the canvas paintings somtimes not work or save to server

Whats the difference between the two ? its got to be a problem with the canvas side of things