Pair of Werewolf Hunters in a Suburban Home

Images are large, cry about it.

i scowled and beat my chest when i saw these pictures


they are beautiful, just like your manly self

Where’s the +10 EXP pop-up?

And health bars… Elf’s and werewolf’s fighting in a suburban house. Certainly a new concept.

Why is she useing a M82 Baret in close quarters?

How else can you knock down a 250 KG werewolf in one shot? They may be allergic to silver, but it takes awhile for them to die from it. A silver 50 caliber BMG will stop that thing in it’s tracks.

That’s all good and well, but she hasn’t got the frame to fire that shit.

Don’t worry; the weapon model is poorly scaled anyway.

good not sure a would have that big a muzzle flash tho

Nice models you got there… Where can i get that gasmask guy? D:

Back on topic ; using a AR2 / energy based gun muzzleflash is a bad idea, especially since you used it for both the weapons. Models are too inequal in quality, and there’s no editing at all.

The blue chick just looks very out of place.

ma screamed and dropped the pie

dad was silent

somewhere, a dog barked

a furry died today

I love how many people are rating this dumb. Sorry for not making the same washed out poses of the same COD4 models holding guns and shooting at things off screen, with an emphasis on de-saturation. Oh well.

Stop crying about ratings.

Cool contribution to the thread, you are truly a shining star