Pairing Up.

Not Bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Not bad for someone whose been on hiatus.


Thats one heavy-equipment assassin.

it is for killing people

Nice. I like it.

I really didnt think an RPG would be necessary… :v:

jesus christ 5 hours and no comments

Apart from the slightly wonky tube on the pistol, amazing.

Very nice.
Assassin has some funny AA though. :v:

Bloom is a little much for me but, overall, this is awesome.


Looks cool, I see the high rank has gone to the assassin’s head to the point where she poses while her subordinate fires away at Gordon Freeman just off-frame.

Not a big fan of the editing (especially that smoke) but it’s pretty good.

shut up woman get on my horse

Why does this have a “Drugs” icon?

He was on drugs when he made it.