Pakrat and content usage.

First off, I’m not a mapper. I probably will know fuck all about what I’m talking about.

So the question is, I’ve heard that you can “Pakrat” things into maps and use them in the map. Like models and stuff. The question is, can I use content that’s been pakrat’d into a map? Or is the content that’s compiled with the map only usable by the map itself?

Hope I was understandable enough. As you can tell, I have a lack of knowledge on the subject and therefore can’t effectively communicate regarding it.

You can use pakrat to unpack content from a map, however, there may be copyright or legal issues about reusing the content. It is best to ask the author before doing anything to their maps.

Oh, I see. So Pakrat unpacks the content. I thought it was something that packed it with the map. I was referring to content that was packed with a map, can that be used outside of the map itself (while the map is active, of course?) Like, assume we’re playing GMod. There’s a map that has models included in it which the map uses. Could I have a script that used those models? Or can only the map use them?

Yeah, as someone who has produced content before, I can definitely say that I’m not a content thief. Sorry to have given you that impression.

Pakrat can add, remove and extract models, textures and other things from .bsp (map) files.

GCFscape can also be used to extract things from .bsp files.

Just like you can use the models and other content of currently active addons or gamemodes, you can use models and other content of currently active maps.

(Actually if you load another map afterwards, some stuff might still be available in the cache)

Oh hey, sup iostream. Also yeah I figured it would be something like that, but not the cache part.

I remember people doing exactly this with evocity V2d, they added the custom models into the spawn list, wish I could find you a link…