Pakrat/Propper question

First of all, can someone link me to a step-by-step of how to use Pakrat? I haven’t had any luck with it yet.

Secondly, the .mdl’s generated by Propper, do they have to be worked in with Pakrat or are they saved to the BSP when you compile the map?

Also any general information about Propper and Pakrat would be great; I’m a noob to both of them and from where my map is headed right now it looks like I’ll be needing to use both very soon.

Pakrat automatically detects custom content or content from other games and saves it to the .bsp.

And for fucks sake. I just googled pakrat tutorial and the first result was a tut on fps banana.

Google; it’s your friend.

Check the VDC page on propper.