Pakrat questions

First of all, this isn’t why I made the thread, I seem to be mentally retarded and can’t figure out Pakrat.

Could someone please post a link to a tutorial.

If I wanted all GModders to be able to use a map, could I open my map I’ve made in hammer configured for Half Life 2, then compile and pakrat all the files in, including all the episodes if I extracted them and put them in my Half Life 2 directory?

Also, if I released the same map twice, one with everything you’d need and one with everything you’d need except epsiode 1/2 content, could they be used on the same server?

So someone with the map with all the content could join with a server hosting the map with all content, except the episode’s content.

I assume GMod would think you didn’t have the same map because they would be different sizes or some shit.

Thanks in advance.

You could put all the content you want in it, but no one like to download a 500MB file just to play. Also, I think I get what your saying about the server thing. Im pretty sure the map file has to be exactly the same to join a server.

When Rared it’s 100 ish mega, unrared about 300, all packed in the map, so unless you’ve got so much extra shit like in Sgt.Sgt.'s map, your not really gonna scratch even 500mb, ~zomg, I’ll make a tutorial and post it in about…a hour, It’ll be step by step and have pictures.

Ahh, my mistake.