Pakrat Tutorial - Now simple and easy! -


This will definitely come in handy for me.
Thank you.

where would i put a color correction file at

Added your question to the First post, also I love your avatar.

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My rating isn’t working… And right click does nothing…

What the fuck?

Ratings must have 2 or more to show up so people don’t just rate stupidly.

Since when…?

tried multiple paths just now, seems resource is the only one that would work

I am pretty sure you can’t pakrat color correction files into a .bsp, correct me if I am wrong though.

I have had no luck pakratting color correction into maps.

I see some daft punk on your desktop :pervert:

Anyways, nice, I’ll be bookmarking this. Always had trouble with it.

You can pack anything into a .BSP if you want to, when it comes to packing, don’t see it as putting stuff into a map file, but more like a .rar (Considering if you have gcf scape you can actually extract stuff from the bsp :3

However, not everything packed into a BSP works. Sgt.Sgt mentioned soundscapes don’t work when packed. Last I heard Lua doesn’t work either.

Fun fact: The pakfile lump is actually an uncompressed ZIP file.

Nice tut.