It wont’ load. Its pissing me off. I reinstalled java, redownloaded pakrat, and rebooted my comp several times. When i double click it, it just gives me a error sound. Nothing else. I really need to finish my map. Can anyone help me?

Run as admin?

im running XP

Try VIDE’s Pakfile Lump Editor.

woah thanks man!

Pro-tip: Don’t use pakrat.


Assuming its a Garry’s Mod map, 2/3 of its community is a bunch of 12 year olds who don’t know how to install things right. Look at the Evocity2_v2 thread. :ohdear:

What are the arguments against using pakrat? I mean, from a “transparency to the end-luser” standpoint, sure, I can see the argument for distributing custom textures/models/sounds with the map but not packed in, but from a usability and portability standpoint it’s hard to beat packing the files in.

The only stuff I wouldn’t pakrat would be content I know I’ll use over and over again, zip that stuff up and just put the link in with the rest so everyone can save a little space.

The maps that use Valve content, people who steal Valve’s work and put it in their own map because they are too lazy, or not skilled enough to make their own maps from scratch.

That’s not an argument against pakrat, that’s an argument against using pakrat to share files created by valve.

Your argument is like saying “Bittorrent is bad because people use it to steal Disney’s work and put it on their own computers because they are too lazy, or not skilled enough to make their own movies from scratch”

Okay, it’s a bit of a funny analogy, but the core point is what matters; blame the tool, not the tool.

My most recent use of Pakrat was packing 25 small audio loops I had created from scratch for my map with my map; it would have been a PITA to distribute them with the map.

My brain is full of fuck right now.

This man makes a fair point.

The VIDE pakfile editor is actually somewhat superior to pakrat. Some minor issues with pakrat:

  1. It doesn’t actually find every file paked into a map.
  2. The auto and scan functioncs can be somewhat unreliable in picking up all custom content in your map, especially in circumstances where you have an awful lot of files (we’re talking evocity number of files here, 100s)

Don’t forget, sometimes you cant add all your custom stuff at once. It looks like there is a limit on the amount of megabytes you can add to a BSP at the same time. I often end up pakratting 3 times to add let’s say 20 custom textures.

Interesting. VIDE does not have such limitations.