Pamela Isley (a.k.a...)


I vomited a little.

Deeeeeeeeeem TITS.



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Are ugly as fuck.
They need to be less viney, less green and more dead.


Coming from a person who faps to dead bodies.

That’s the point, and I do more then fap to them.


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I bet she loves Penis fly traps…


Actually, she’s a very sophisticated woman.

…Nah :smiley:

Those models…Need to get…Here faster… I can already imagine the poses.

Love her eyes.

I beat that game twice, I fucking love it.

Posing is a bit strange but eh, its only a test pose to show off the model.

Will the final version have finger and faceposing?

The riddler trophys are a bitch though.

Dammit agent orange

Well, yeah. This model has them but the faceposing is limited. Her eyes, eyebrows work fine, but her mouth poses are very limited.

Luigi’s version will more then likely have them.

I got them all fairly easily.

Only one that gave me some trouble where the ones that sat around ABOVE the wardens office.

I sure as hell don’t want to see her bush.

Can I be so bold as to inquire about the model. Didn’t find it on under Posion Ivy.

Nevermind. I should perhaps read the whole txt before asking stupid questions.

Like the vines. Nice work on her eyes.


She is Posion Ivy, not a blasted zombie.

This got to be the first time I see a good ban reason in this section.