Pancake and Gato's Build RP

Hello good community of the game Garry’s mod!

Allow me to introduce myself, my screen name is TheNerdPest14. Although if you’ve heard of me on steam, I’m better known as General Pancake.

I’m hear to spread the word about my server, Pancake and Gato’s Build RP.

This server gamemode is Dark RP. Now now, I know what most(Or at least some of you) are likely thinking; Oh great, another Dark RP, why can’t people just move on? Well, frankly I liked the concept. But the problem is with it’s execution more often then not, I aim to fix it. I’m on whenever possible, and for a good duration of the time. I am 14 years old, before you go on.(Since it seems that a lot of you have issues with a minor in charge of a server, as I’m guessing that a lot of you have had a history of being on servers owned by them that are irresponsible) Yes I know this sounds like it’s already made of Utter and complete fail, and you may be right, you may be wrong.

However, how will you be certain unless you visit it? I ask kindly that you at least try it, before you jump to a conclusion. I do my best to ensure everyone is treated fairly, and that the admins are trustworthy before they are granted abilities as such. I try to be kind and curtious as possible, giving people chances to make amends for any wrong doings they have done, but should they still continue to disobey and disregard my wishes as well as the rules, then they are subject to banning or kicking. This even goes for the admins.

I try not to jump to conclusions, judge people, and try to see everyone’s arguments. I currently have a dedicated fanbase, small yet supportive. . If you are still skeptical, you might ask from some testimonial of the people there. I know one man, who was such a diehard of the server he actually donated to keep it afloat, even if it’s just for a little while. The good sir’s name is Gato.

We also have a lot of neat things on it, such as phx 3, wiremod, Real Nukes(Don’t worry, I ensure it isn’t abused.), a custom map made by the good sir Gato, and such. I look forward to seeing you on it! Also according to the claims of Gato, it would also seem as though Garry Newman himself was on the server once, and gave his approval. If your still in doubt, which is actually a good thing as your cautious, then come on down, and see for yourself!

A fun thing I see in a few server is also the ability to build, which is included here too! :smiley: I apologize in advance though, if you should experience some technical problems with the server. It’s quite common unfortunately, though as I use a rather new I believe hosting service. It goes through the wringer with technical problems, but it’s worth your patience. It’s as Tolstoy(I believe his name was.) Once said, the strongest warriors are these two; Time and Patience. I also am regretful I am unable to afford a higher player amount server, as I only receive a 20$ weekly income. But I am grateful that it’s just for doing homework. I am eager to seeing you all become regulars if you enjoy it! :smiley:

The IP is, (But be forewarned it is currently out of service. My apologies. >_<) .

I look forward to seeing you all on it! Once more! :smiley:

Excellent news! The server is operation once more! Please join whenever you feel like it! :smiley:

Oh, and if you have any questions feel free to ask them here! I hope I can be of service! ^^