Pancakes - PvP | 50% craft | Airdrops | Nogrief | 25/01 (Last wipe) | Oxide/Doorsharing (250players)

Hello Guys,

New server looking for people to make a steady community!
The server has Oxide with doorsharing, you can create your clan/group on the server which makes teammates from the same clan/group immune to your damage (To prevent teamkills!).
It has been 3 days ago that the server have been wiped.

You can easily join by pressing F1 and copying “net.connect” (Without the quotes)

If you have any questions about the server feel free to ask us.


awesome server friendly admin and the new stuff for rust the pincode doors anti cheat stuff

Joined server, nice people, nice admins, no lagg

Has events as well! Awesome

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