Pancake's War Server

War, war is a problem to which there is no solution. War is here once again.

On Pancake’s War server(I know I need to change the name…)you fight as either America or China, fighting to capture valuable resource points, in the gamemode known as Fight to Survive. Using your team’s resource points, you can buy supplies and enhancements, giving you and therefore your team the edge. But be warned, your team mates and you all share the same resources, with that in mind you must conserve and use your resource points sparingly, there is usually only 2 at a time.

Every now and then both China and the United States airdrop in supplies in the form of Resource crystals, which you must take to your supply depot(Refinery) and guard while the supplies are dumped. Guard these supply depots with your life, taking care to set up defenses like turrets to keep them safe. But be warned, your foes have access to the same assets in defending your base as you, so be careful.


So currently we have sakarias vehicles installed, and are working to make it so they can be bought with Rsps, so you can wage war in the air. We’ll soon also have kermite weapons available for purchase, so the arsenal is more diverse and the game thus more enjoyable. Although making your own side might be tempting, please refrain from doing so and only do China or US. It helps to keep immersion.

I also have people working on things to make it more realistic, and one of the things that you’ll be able to get soon is nuclear bombs. But be warned, they won’t be easy in terms of Rsps, but they can completely devestate your enemy’s base.

Now running gm_flatgrass for your convenience… =D enjoy!

Will I be banned for aimbotting?

No, but you will be hated.