Pandemonium pilot

I made this a while back, but never put it up.
The project is dead, i hope to bring it back to life at some point but right now isnt a great time.

Not much to say, if you want to know more you should look at this thread.
But its old so only bump it if you really feel you need to.

I hope you like it. I hope to start making more films now since i just got Fraps.

I created all of the maps. And some of the textures.

Also i made a Facepunch video section group on steam,

Join it!

Welp I guess sometimes you just gotta move on.

I really liked the quality of the video, it looked really good, especially the map.

Thanks, i spent alot of time of the maps.

Some more comments would be nice, if its not too much. :q:

Nice map, but there isn’t really something else. The teaser and the “pilot” are almost the same.

It looked okay, but it was boring. Especially the first 20 seconds of nothing.

Its up to your taste wether its boring or not.
Its also up to the fact if you patient enough.
I like the work of Tarkovsky, these scenes were based on his cinematography.