pandemonium (voice actors needed)

Please read ALL below BEFORE you comment or ask questions. (I know it might be long but please read it)
This thread will be updated with new videos picture and character auditions.

Ive been working on this project for about a month now, working on the script, maps, character design, textures ect. Its an idea ive been wanting to bring to life for about a year. it was meant to be for a real life film, but with the lack of money, locations and actors it couldnt be made. so ive turned to Machinma to create my film.

i have started filming, but i need voice actors to continue,
and now i have to try and persuade you to help me.

Its set in london, after a devistating distaster which resulted in the majority of the popluation cacthing a virus and dying.
few are left, who are immune. one of which is the protagonist (main character) of this story, Issac.

No country dares to help the dying civilization in risk of spreading the virus futher.So Issac is left pretty much alone in the city, however he lives a settled life.

Untill a vacine is created to cure the virus, Russia jump to the chance and invade fragile and weak Britian.
With the risk against his life Issac must head to the coast to reach a refugee camp. its a long treak and will provide many dangers.

This is not meant to give you much information on the plot, its just meant to give you an idea of the look and setting of the film, do not complain that much its not in here, i will update it!

Ambient Music- darius bielecki
Map- darius bielecki
custom textures- darius bielecki

I know alot of people have a proplem with experience so i will tell you about mine.
i have not made any machinmas before, i have normally just made tests and experiments to explore it.
however i have created many real life films from documentrys to film noirs for at least 4 years.
there is not much difference bettween the production of machinma and real life film, essentially the choreography and direction is the same.
I am a skilled mapper, i have been doing it for years.
I can work faceposer fine, its a simple and easy editor.
I can create textures, im not great but they look good.
I can work with many differnt cinimatic tools that have been created for gmod.
I study media in lincoln college.
Ive been researching machinma for a long time, i know how it works.
Im a good video editor with a good editor program (serif movie plus X3)

You want to apply, great! You will need to pick a character to apply for, then make a test recording (it will not be final) and post it here or to one of the contact information given at the bottom
however i will not expect anyone under the age of 15 to enter. Im sorry.


The protagonist. He’s a man who enjoys works of art, reading, and being alone.
He’s not happy with what has become of London, but he lives with it.
He’s quite But determined to get to targets.

“Yeah I was alone, but i found security there… peace. i dont think i ever looked back at family or freinds… there was just a lack of stress and tension…”


Thomas meets with Issac in the story, he Helps Issac get to try and get to the coast.
Hes a handy man, who know his way around.
He dosnt look at the country with the same optimistic view Issac dose.
Hes rather Gruff, he prefers sports and fighting rather than the academic hobbies Issac ejoys.

“The U.N are coming aswell to pick up refugees, Im heading to them. (hes then jokes) its about time they gave us a hand.”

U.N Commander

This man is inchrage of a convoy moving round london picking up citizens and strays.
He dosnt care for the People he is saving, he only cares for the job and wants to get it done.
He’s ingnorant and treats the refuggees like cargo, he a fast talker.

“Right, ok, i want you to get over to that truck over there, you see it? right get to it and get in the back, and dont get out. just let us do are job and you will be fine.”

Those are the Parts avalible now. This will be updated and more parts will be avible.

some pictures, more will come.

Steam: bielecki

looks damn sexy

ima ask captain comedy if he wants to help

that would be very helpful thanks.

Looks damn good! Good luck with the project!

I hope you find some voiceactors.

cheers mate, i hope i do. but no one seems to be jumping for the chance :S.

I’m interested, but unfortunately I’m going on holiday for two weeks and I’m leaving this saturday so it means that I won’t be available for that time, plus when I get back i’m still going to be quite busy finishing my Dodge Charger model.

ok, but this project will not be done in 2 weeks, gonna take at least a month. more and more parts will be avible to play as i finish the spript.

i would gladly voiceact for one of the characters, depends on what kind of voice they have. i can make a higher and also a lower voice. a young character would be good, since i’m 20.

Hey, im a professional voice actor, just contact me :wink:

hey ‘helly’ and ‘sekcobra’,
thanks for your offer.
could you please pick one of the characters to play, then send me a practice voice recording of the small sentence in quotes thats below the characters picture.

contact me at

Already sent all sentences :wink:

Looks nice, I’m looking forward to seeing this.


I’m wondering if I should give it a try with the U.N Commander. How old is he? Because I’m just 17, so I’m not sure I can voice act an old man.

i dont see why not, give it a try. i would love it if you could, i really need all the help i can get.

Alright, I’ll give it a try tomorrow because its 1 AM here, and everyone else is sleeping.

K sure, I can do Russian.

btw its smith on your friends list

its 3 am where I am.


Ill try thomas but I dont have a mic yet, Im gonna get one soon so count me in!

great, theres plenty of time to get it in.

Alright, I made a clip for the U.N commander. I repeated it for about 4-5 mins until I got to even that level. It was pretty hard to get all the words right and still keep that ‘fast talker’-trait.

There you go. Comments are welcomed about how I could improve my acting all together(not neccessarily just on this specific part).

I think this take is during a action sequence, he yells at a civilian…

That’s why you got rejected from the gmod podcast.