Panic in the Facility - Where the stress take place

Hey everyone,

My name is Axel aka Lexa and I’m going to present you our team project (Access Community), we are a community of 2000 members based on the horror game “SCP:Secret Laboratory” and we hope to create our own game on S&Box, originally the game was planned to be created using the Unity game engine, when S&Box was announced on Source 2 we changed our way and now we are waiting for the keys or the release of the game, now I’m going to present you our gamemode called “Panic in the facility”.

(Note: The gameplay is inspired from SCP: Secret Laboratory but with our ideas and our own sauce).

The maps:

First of all, there will be different maps or randomly generated maps (if S&Box offers this possibility), each one will have a different story and lore.

The maps will be based on destroyed research facilities following experiments that went wrong, they will have a post-apocalytptic style a bit like the game SOMA or even Blackmesa for the greatest possible immersion and stress at its maximum ahah.

The map will have at least 3 exits:

  • 2 main
  • 1 emergency exit

She will be distributed on 4 levels connected by stairs, elevators etc.

  • Prison zone (where prisoners appear and try to escape and find equipment)
  • Technical area (Water treatment plant, generators etc)
  • Experimentation area (Test rooms - With lots of blood mouahah)
  • Administrative area (Offices, main exits, security room)

PS: Some doors will require an access card

The game mode:

First of all I’ll mention the different classes and their spawn points:


  • Prisoner | Prison zone
  • Janitor | Administrative area
  • Technician - Technical area


  • Guard | Anywhere
  • Guard Officer | Everywhere
  • Special Unit Cadet | Outside
  • Special Unit Lieutenant | Outside
  • Special Unit Commander | Outside

Fake Special Units:

  • Special Unit Cadet | Outside (Other spawn)
  • Special Unit Lieutenant - Outside (Other spawn)
  • Special Unit Commander - Outside (Other spawn)


  • Scientist | Experimental Zone
  • Containment Engineer | Administrative Area


  • Chief of Security | Administrative Area
  • Research Supervisor - Administrative Area
  • Site director | Administrative area
  • Secretary | Administrative Area

Monster types (AI or playable)

  • Xen | Experimental zone
  • Proxy | Technical area
  • Flesher | Vents, Experimental zone
  • etc.

(Each monster will have its own abilities)

At the beginning of the round, the prisoners appear in the prison zone to find equipment (cards, weapons, objects, etc.). Their goal is to escape from the facility by any way possible, they can ally with the scientists who are in the same shit, but beware of the security who can put them back in their cell or put a bullet in their head, the scientists have to escape by all means while paying attention to the monsters which will not fail to eat the humans, the administrative staff is the most important, they have an important access to strategic zones of the installation which could well change the course of the sleeve. In case of difficulty, special units can come to the help the personnel on site, but always be wary, they could be imposters.

Our team:

  • Lexa (me): Level designer and sometimes C# developer on Unity (Mainly on SCP: Secret Laboratory)
  • Mirai: Environment artist
  • Naritaya: Professional Ruby & C# developer
  • Yax: 3D Modeler

I will be happy to answer all your questions and suggestions in the comment section, hoping you like our project, all that has been mentioned above is subject to change.

Note: The map is not finished yet because i don’t own HL:Alyx so i can’t work properly without the game (ex: In Dota 2 WS Tool there is no ModelDoc tool)

Just below I’ll post some user interfaces from which we’ll get a lot of inspiration.
(Credits go to Feral Creative & Creative Assembly)

Thanks in advance

Weapon wheel UI
Main Menu


i have a good news it is possible to make generated map someone already done it
Procedurally Generated City - s&box / Mapping - Facepunch Forum

Oh thanks, im gonna look into it

The cycle continues from Containment Breach, to Garry’s Mod Breach, to SCP Secret Lab, to Panic in the Facility!

I was just talking about this in gvarados stream the other day about how excited for if anything like SCP SL would pop up in Source 2, it’s such an easy idea but one with so much potential with the abilities of Source 2. I do have some small notes I could comment on from what we’ve seen thus far.

It makes little sense for the guards to bring the D-class back to their cells if the Facility is going down at that point. As far as the SCP foundation might go it makes more sense to either have the objective to eliminate or in the vein of Breach and SL have them escape with the guard’s supervision. Even if that’s a bit more in line with what the other modes do, it’s done for a reason. It’s much more fun to be able to survive as a D-class when you find a Facility Guard when you couldn’t find any weapons than just getting gunned down or let alone brought back.

I do think that the idea to include Administration as well as many other types of units is really really cool actually. I should say that if you’re going for Fake Special Units and going for an undercover type of operation, it might be cooler for them to spawn with the actual Special Units and know who else is a worm so they know who can turn, though that could result in some cheese I suppose. Maybe have them spawn separately and only actual Special Units or Security can tell they’re fakes? It would certainly spice up the mix if you went in on the undercover part.

Good luck on the work! I’m really looking forwards to this, as a final question do you plan on making this VR compatible in the long run?

It’s not really up to individual devs if VR will be supported, it’s a matter of Garry providing support. He has said that it is low on the priority list.

Hey @Leddy,

First of all thanks for your reply and your feedback, i’ll answer to some of your advices.

if you’re going for Fake Special Units and going for an undercover type of operation, it might be cooler for them to spawn with the actual Special Units and know who else is a worm so they know who can turn.

We had this discussion while whe wrote the gameplay on a sheet of paper and we’ve been scared about this idea due to potential mass RDM or MetaGaming (it’s won’t be a RP gamemode but u know what i mean), it’s still under consideration and we would like to have more feedback on this question.

Maybe have them spawn separately and only actual Special Units or Security can tell they’re fakes?

Yeah, that could be a solution and we’ll take in consideration this idea.

do you plan on making this VR compatible in the long run?

It will depend if S&Box support this, if yes why not in the future but that’s not on our actuals plans

Conclusion: We’ll try to push the walls of fun as away as we can taking yours precious advices and feedback.

Thanks in advance

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Hey, as sometimes SCP:SL player i am fond of this topic, i love the lore, the scenario and the idea of the adminsitrative branch. Moreover ur gamemode seems very cool to play in coop, Good luck and don’t give up

Question: Does your gamemode have an ETA ?

Hey, thanks for you reply,

Sorry but we don’t have any ETA, the game isn’t released yet.

Best regards,

Hey guys,

Few days ago i’ve got access to the game using the queue system, and i started the development of the gamemode, for now the base role system is done and i’m currently on the room systems, compared to Unity the workflow on S&Box is very different and i’m not familiar with some functionalities for now.

Btw, i will send screenshots and videos of the WIP in this poste in few day.

Thanks for your patience,


Congratulations, looking forward to follow actual development progress - however that is a LOT of classes to go through.

Have you taken the max amount of players you’re planning to support into consideration along with the sheer amount of classes to select from? You could probably condense and compact it all down to fewer classes, for example down to 2 or so for each type of role (Security, etc), to prevent bloat and a more comprehensible experience for players.