Panic in the streets of london


Rehash of one of my old shitty wotw pictures.

I like the laser effect and the fog. But the angle was bad, and you need to work on the laser impact thingy on that guy.

Did you honestly just post the picture again?

lazor and smoke looks decent but the fire and posing looks awful to be honest

Too undetailed, terrible posing, decent editing.

Doesn’t look like London either.

It does not look like London to me, there are not a lot of English maps though so thats not directly your fault. There are however London map props you can download and add to your pictures, which is your fault for making it just bland and boring.

Its alright, your posing is getting better but its just so empty, where are the red telephone boxes? Or maybe add a few British road signs, you know?

Adding onto this, add some wrecked cars in too. A street is never barren.


Hey, this is WotW, so WotW-related music ahoy.

Retro WotW was so great. I used to put the old vinyl on and listen to it while I did homework as a kid.

Yeah sorry about all the errors present this was a REALLY old picture i just rehashed in gimp

it’s good that you posted this

it shows that your posing hasn’t improved at all

(User was banned for this post ("This isn't constructive criticism" - Benji))

Why did you make the guy vanish, and not burst into flame?

Now you’re just trolling because i wouldn’t join your poorly spelt spamfest against “gunaric screeenshawwtszz”

Picture isnt bad.
Me like the lazorz effects.
But it needs more debris/destroyed cars… stuff like that you know?

Fire and lazer need to be brighter/giving off more light. They look really dull.