Panorama Dev Tools

I think it’s obvious what I mean.

Are there any Dev Tools similar to Chrome/Mozilla Dev Tools planned for inspecting/modifying Panorama UI in real time? If not, are there any significant obstacles on the way of me making it on my own as an addon?

Will we have a required level of access to Panorama internals to make this possible?

As a web developer I can say that it’s very handy to have something like this to quickly experiment with CSS properties, check the calculated values, style rules hierarchy, the actual produced DOM and so on.


There exists a debugger : .
But probably garry will make a custom one or i think the console can already do that.

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Oh, didn’t know about it. Cool, thanks for info.

That panorama debugger won’t work in s&box though. We’ll probably come up with an alternative but no promises.


I don’t think it’s even that urgent to get it before release, can be added in future updates when there are less important things still to be implemented. Just making sure that it’s something that isn’t forgotten about.