Panoramic/Steampunk inspiration thread

Post Panoramic inspiration and steampunk inspiration here.
More precise than the other inspiration thread
Huge images![/media]
Steampunk time

Post yours!

I love panoramas like a family member

London 12,928 x 2,759
Moscow 19,060 x 2,301
Los Angeles 15,754 x 1867
NYC 14,569 x 1863
Prague 14,815 x 3,879 (think, HL2)
Moscow 2 20,000 x 1,716 (identical to HL2, despite being in Russia)
Chicago 12,000 x 2,295 (very north-American, think Evocity)
Tokyo 27,485 x 1,805
Montreal 9,017 x 2,724 (nice skyline, eh?)
Seattle 23,575 x 2969
Bangkok 13,097 x 980
Aussichsturm (?) 46,373 x 2087 (HOLY FUCK)

the Toronto one isn’t in Toronto but in Montreal

Google images lies, I should look at addresses more often.

Post more steampunk! I’d love to mess around with a bit of steampunk architecture…

Im thinking of hosting a steampunk contest after the winter one, but there isnt much inpiration for level design steampunk style. Mostly art deco or early industrial, or a combination but… yeah

Those looks amazing

Just reference, not mine. The unreal tournament is epic though. fyi.

I think the issue with Steampunk is it is a lot of small detailed stuff usually and would require modeling more than mapping for a lot of things.


Yeah, steampunk usually does have a lot of detail. Thats what textures, bumpmaps, specular maps, and only mapping exteriors is for.
Althoguh for a campain one would need such models.

Holy shit a mount Everest map would be awesome. We could make it so the higher you got the more harsh the conditions are. Would be a shitload of displacements though.

Those look lovely, laptopman, keep em coming, and I-ll try and throw some stuff together for concept drawings…

This thread needs to be renamed.


Im working on a steampunk style map right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, to get into the steampunk mood listen to abney park
Its a steampunk band :fuckyou:

I was about to verbally hump you, but then I realised it wasn’t something you’d made. ._.

Source could do much better at that scene then that.

i know.
Im just running out of reference pictures here.
Someone wanna help me out o bit?

If anyone wants to use my airship model in their steampunk maps just PM me but be prepared to texture it yourself, nobody’s managed to get it textured yet despite numerous tries.

Picture of said model?

Edit: Found it.