Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Models

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Models; is anyone planning on making them?
I’d like to request them.

that would be awesome!! shame there’s no PSG game out there =(

There needs to be.


I’m guessing chincherrinas on youtube would love these, I might even be able to help as well, just too bad no one’s in a hurry to make Frollo and Gaston, but then again does chincherrinas even have Gmod? regardless, i support and may be able to help make these if models are given to me.

Good Lord, I’m sure the world would be a much better place with those two jokers running rampant in Gmod. …I think.

Although I have never seen the show, I guess it’d be alright to support this request.

Hm, that’s not a bad idea. I support this.

Aaand if nobody picks it up I just might be up for it. I’ve got quite a bit to do first though.

What happened to season 2?

Eh, it’s more of a test than an actual finished model. The texture is pretty low quality, I think I can do better with the shape of the face, and I think it’d generally look better if I modeled out more of the detail rather than rely so heavily on the texture (and obviously she has no hands). I’ll get back to you when I have one that’s more presentable. If that goes well I’ll add faceposing etc.

Also this thread is a year old, sooo this request is officially going to Julyshy since she revived this dead thread.

Also 1. I’m a she
And 2. Give me a download link even if its a WIP and then give me another link when it’s done.

Heh, oops.

Yeah, I guess everyone would be able to see what’s wrong with it easier if they could actually see it in
game. I’ll post one up a bit later. Don’t expect to be doing any posing with it though.

It’s comin right at us!

It’s already here!

Heh, yeah and there’s not a whole lot any of you can do about it.

Already made a lot more progress, but first I’d like to get some more feed back on the first one.

If for some reason or another you really want a closer look you can get it here: