Panzerkampwagen VI "Tiger I" Christmas Gift

Hey guys so here is a little Christmas Gift. The Tiger I was one of the most feared tank in World War II. It has an 88mm gun that can penetrate any american tank.

Tiger I
Tiger I Destroyed

Both of them have bodygroups for the guns(75mm, 105mm, 88mm L56 and 88mm L70), damaged tracks and turret( First one is regular and the second one is the Tiger Ausf. H2 Prototype turret)
Skins from multiple website include : 2 Desert, 1 winter (shitty, will have to find another one) and multiple woodland camo.

World of Tanks Developper for the models/textures and an awesome game
Beat the Zombie for converting to Gmod
Ard Patrinel for buying the software and converting the meshes from WoT to .obj





Not the Königstiger, not good enough.

For new year. Good enough? :smile:

Please, i know i’m late…but can you send me a new link

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You’ll get less boxes for it.

But boxes are cool