Paper Maps cost too much. Suggestion

It costs 1000 wood to make 10 papers which is the crafting cost of a map. That’s a lot of wood, time and effort to make one map. Currently no one uses the maps because of the effort it takes to craft one. Players can opt for a full map with legend of their server online so there is really no point unless the cost changes. I suggest that maps cost simply 300 wood or less.

The fact that there is an online map is the main reason people don’t use maps in-game. Not the cost.

the same cost as building plans would be more appropriate, maybe a little higher to compensate for the drawing medium.

I agree 1-2 papers seems good enough, and people will use those more.

Its 1 and a half trees with a hatchet its practically nothing.

I think most players don’t use maps because, 1. If you lose it, all the uncovered area resets. 2. If you mark places on it and lose it, someone else who obtains it has access to all your explorations.