Paper Mingebag V1

I don’t see how this is a screenshot.

And what then if not in the screenshots? Other sections not.

The percent of sense you just made equals to zero. And this is the wrong section still.

creationism corner and a finished product would be neat


I smell an automatic translator.

No it’s just Yoda.

Erm, maybe you guys should try printing it out and folding it? Just connect the sides to the ones with the same letter.

Yoda is russian?


This can be considered a screenshot if you consider that he took many images in-game and photoshopped it all into place.

Cool, now I can have my very own mingebag on my desk! Cut and fold for the win.

Someone wanna take a pic of the finished project?

Someone already took. Go to Creationism Corner.

I’m priting it off.