Paper? Repair?


What is paper for?

How do you repair decaying structures?


  • War decides who is left, not right.

Make sure you use (open/close) one of the doors in your house, I’d say, preferably every 24 hours. Once a door is opened, closed… the decay timer is reset I believe.
This does not apply to wood spikes as they are not attached to your house, all though if they are on top of foundations, they decay a lot slower.

If some of your building parts have already started decaying, you can fix them simply by putting wood logs in your hot-bar and clicking the corresponding number of the hot bar on top of the decaying building part, such as a wood wall, pillar or wood spike.
Same applies to metal houses and doors, in that case you have to use metal fragments.

Currently paper has absolutely no use, I believe it will be taken out the game as one of the recent patches removed it’s use, before the patch, it was used in combination with the research kit and one paper was required for every research, currently you only need a research kit. Paper has no use as of right now.