Pappi_man - A Compilation Thread

I have a shit loads of Garry’s Mod picture, but I’ll pick the best ones from 2006 - 2009. Yes… some of them are from 2006. It’s amazing I haven’t deleted them, but thank god for USB sticks.


[My very first screenshot I ever captured]


**Yup. Only one screenshot I did for entire year.



those were the days

when css models shooting one another was still golden :allears:

It’s not any more “Cool”? Shit, I must’ve missed so much.

Good stuff. A trip down the memory lane I understand.

Never heard of you but some of the 09 pictures are decent. The Rest is not that good.

So I heard you like anime and contrast?

Apparently I did.
Not Anime fan anymore though, after I found out how many shitty Animes there are.
Contrast? I thought they looked artistic back then since I didn’t have any cool Photoshop and I was newbie at taking screenshots. Got better though… I think.

Damn man, I’m surprised you have shit from 2006. I’ve gone through like at least 2 reformats/OS changes within that time. I don’t have a scrap of anything from when I first started playing.

Same with me. I wish I still had those.

The last ones dont look bad, infact the last 3 look really nice, but damn your first years here were quite bad.

I dont mind the anime thingie as long as the screenshots are ok tho.

Heh… believe it or not, but I still remember that got lots of 5 Ratings.