[release][tab]Name:[/tab] para_cerberus

[tab]Version:[/tab] RC4

[tab]Description:[/tab] A parasite map inside a small prison ship.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Parasite Gamemode, 6-12 players recommended


The parasite gamemode can be downloaded here:

The original version of this was inf_cerberus. This one is a lot better though. I’ve remade it to work with Parasite, made several areas look a LOT nicer, added some more places and removed one or two bugs.

Although the map fits in a fairly small area, a large portion of it is maintenance tunnels - small, dark and confusing. A perfect place for parasite. It also ‘bends’ a few of the normal Parasite rules by having multiple areas for some of the need fulfilments.

These servers have the map, but will not run it 24/7. Please let me know if you want your server added to this list: - Provided by KeitaroCoS

Screenshots from current version:

Mess Hall:

Workshop Entrance:

Emergency Supplies:


The Brig:

Smashed up Cargo Bay (Yes, it’s very dark in there):

Please Note:
This IS a release candidate, not necessarily the final map. If you have any bugs, suggestions or complaints, please post them here. In particular, I want to know whether or not you think having multiple need-fulfilment points is good or bad.

i love the screenshots

They sure are nifty, aren’t they?

You could have just asked for screenshots. They’re now in the main post

Doesn’t look bad. It may have been better if those chairs were models and not brushes.

Great map man! Downloading…

So the gamemode still lives? I thought there were no servers nor gamemode continuation.
The map itself looks somewhat blocky in places and a little dark, aside from that it is nice.

Yeah, I don’t happen to know how to model though, nor do I know a modeller. If you can find me some decent, chunky chair models, I’ll happily use them.

The gamemode certainly isn’t as alive as it used to be, but it is still being worked on, and there’s a dedicated server running it. Personally, I way preferred the older version from before the gun shops and everything.

As for the darkness, it’s not as bad as it looks in the screenshots. Then again, it is a nearly derelict ship with failing power and a parasite running around it, so it isn’t meant to be that bright.

Ocool !

Nice map you made. I like the impressive number of switches and buttons.

I have found a cliping bug here :

Also , to use the shop entity correctly the player must be able to half enter the brush or something. I don’t remenber exactly how I did it but the maker para outpostnorth seems to have understood it.

Oh and you attached the need ents to the physics objects right ? So that they move with them.

RC2 is now in progress, and the clipping bug has been fixed. I’m not sure what you mean about the shop, but I will have a quick look at outpost to see how they did it. I think I parented the needs, but I’m not 100% so I will check that in just a minute.

When you press enter at the shop you should see a message. If not , it’s that it’s not working.

The needs should be parented to the tables, and if they aren’t then I’m not sure it’s possible to do so. For RC2, I’ve made the shop trigger slightly larger than the one in outpost, so that should work as well. I will test both of them tomorrow.

The current version on the server is Rc4 can you update here so i don’t have to wait an hour and a half for the map to download off the server?

We seriously need to get more players on the server. It’s too empty with like 6 people runnin around screaming.

I keep trying to go on the server, but i keep getting kicked because of mismatched weapon. what do i do?

Delete said weapon from your addons. Sounds like a script enforcer problem.

Sorry if this is a bit too much of a bump for some people, but I hadn’t looked at this thread for quite some time, and was only just made aware that the link was dead. I have updated the OP with the new link (for RC4). The dedicated server below does host this map, but it runs a modified version of parasite so you will have to download the GM files if you join it. Oh, and it sometimes switches from Parasite to CSS, so it won’t always be there:

Very nice and worth a bump

this looks very nice but where do i get the rc1 version? i need it for a server using it